Lençóis and Chapada Diamantina

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Lençóis and Chapada Diamantina

The Chapada Diamantina is a huge region with approximately 40 thousand km ², where the Chapada Diamantina National Park and several Historical cities are located, some of them even registered by the IPHAN National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute, as in the case of Lençóis, where the hotel  Pouso da Trilha  is located

Lençóis, is the most complete city of the Chapada in terms of infrastructure for tourism. It is in the municipality of Lençóis that the airport of the region is located. The city has several restaurants and tourist agencies, in addition to a lush nature, walking from the center of the city it is possible to bathe in several waterfalls and natural pools, such as the serrano which is only 10 minutes walk from Pouso da Trilha. By  car from Lençóis it is possible to visit most of the attractions of the region, you can choose between coming with your own car or hire a tour agency.

The Chapada Diamantina National Park, in turn, covers an area of ​​1,520 km² of the Chapada region, and it is in the park and its surroundings that are located the famous attractions of the Chapada, such as crystalline water grottoes, waterfalls up to 400 meters Of falling like the Fumaça waterfall , mountains of easy access like the Hill Pai Inacio, and  the diverse natural pools formed by its numerous rivers.

The itineraries around the park are a great option for those who have time and want to know the region well, because in this itinerary besides visiting the most distant attractions you will also sleep in different cities of the Chapada Diamantina, such as the vale do Capão, Igatu, Mucugê and Ibicoara, all very charming.

The Pouso da Trilha team is available to clarify any doubts about the region, itineraries and infrastructure of the cities, by e-mail contato@pousodatrilha.com.br